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Entertainment in Philadelphia
The city of Philadelphia is one of the most interesting and fascinating cities in America. It was once the country’s political, cultural and geographical center. Now, as the 49th largest city in the world, Philadelphia offers entertainment choices to history buffs, art lovers, sports fans and those just hungry for a cheesesteak. And there's plenty of fantastic things to do at night in Philadelphia as well. And look below for some of the top upcoming entertainment events in Philadelphia.

Independence National Historic Park is a 45-acre area in the eastern part of Philadelphia that contains some of America’s most important landmarks. Within the park you’ll find Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence was signed), the Liberty Bell, Franklin Square and the First Bank of the United States.

While not within the 45 acre park but still falling under the park’s care are the historic homes of Edgar Allan Poe, Betsy Ross and Thaddeus Kosciuszko. All of which are open for tours. As one would expect from a city as old as Philadelphia it contains several firsts for its country. Read more

Philadelphia's Top Ten Tourist Attractions
When people hear the term “tourist attraction” they often think of cheesy destinations designed to take advantage of the traveler’s ignorance and to take their money. Instead of an organic and genuine experience of some unique locale, the visitor is usually bombarded with commercialized mascots, tacky trinkets and cheap exhibits . . . read more

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